Monday, December 1, 2008

Freebie: A-Z Templates

I created some 12x12 .psd templates to share.  They are 300 dpi (3600x3600).  They are the letters A-Z and I will be putting them up one at a time.  I think they are very pretty and large enough so that you can put some big pictures in them.  Great for those ABC albums.  Plus you can make them smaller if you would like.

I'm putting them on my 4shared account.  I am new to creating, sharing and 4sharing.  So if there are any problems please let me know as I am just learning  --- but having fun.  

If you use the templates, please send me a copy of your LO.  I'd love to see it and post it here to share with those who are interested.  ***** NEVER MIND -- The whole alpha is available in the next post!!!  So I removed the link here!!*****


Tami said...

These are wonderful Gena! Thanks so much!!!!

Jody said...

THank you, I know these will be very useful. Wish it didn't take 26 days to get them all. LOL I am so impatient!